Tips and recommendations

for children´s parties we want to share with you after many years of experience working with children.

Number of children and age of children

(Gesamtzahl inkl. einladendem Kind, Geschwister-Kindern, etc.)
We experienced that the host child is less overwhelmed with the situation of getting to know his/her guests better and he/she will receive them better if these guidelines are followed:

  • 4-5 years: 5-8 children
  • 6-7 years: 6-10 children
  • 8-9 years: 7-12 children
  • Ab 10 years of age and over: 7-14 children

We recommend inviting kids as close to the same age as possible for our program. (max. 3 years age difference) We would be pleased to advise you about the possibility of mixed ages as well.

Premises – home

  • Create a manageable, as possible free playing area if possible. Tables, Cupboards, etc. should be moved aside as well as dangerous or sensitive and breakable objects.Know that we can get along with little space as well. It depends on how active the children are; the more active the more space is needed.
  • Remove slippery carpets in the playing area.
  • Plan a children´s party in a neutral area without any toys so they can focus better on the games program.

Premises – party area

  • The chosen room should be available for the children´s party only. It should not be used by other guests as well. (e.g. in a restaurant).
  • The room should have enough space for a free playing area. (without any tables etc.). It should be adapted for children, with no dangerous or sensitive objects on the floor or the walls or the ceiling.
  • Know that we can get along with little space as well. It depends on how active the children are; the more active the more space is needed.
  • Further on a restroom and a sink should be available. If you will want to heat something up a little kitchen should be in place.
  • Rooms with few toys allow more focus on the games program.
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  • Plan a break in the middle of the party to serve some treats. At a party of three hours it is good to do a block of games before and after. At shorter parties the break can be planned according to the children’s ages before or after our games program. We recommend doing the break between two blocks of games when there is a party with younger children, even at shorter parties.
  • If you want to serve a meal as well (e.g. dinner), your best bet would be to do it at the end of the party.
  • Please do not offer food, snacks and sweets while children are playing. Kids will fluctuate between food and playing, which can make it harder to focus on playing the games.
  • It sounds quite unbelievable, but we figured out that children like to grab bite-sized food. No matter if crisps, gummi bears or carrot sticks and fruits. So why not create a nice vegetable and fruit plate for them?

Gifts for the host

You can ask all the other parents of the guests to contribute money to a collective gift.


  • Fewer gifts to clutters.
  • Can fulfill a larger wish.
  • In a bigger group there is more time to play (unwrapping 15 children´s gifts it takes a long time).
  • Ease for the parents of the invited children

Gifts for the guests

  • We don´t need any prizes, because in our games we do not focus on winning (and losing).
  • If you would like to give a little something to take with them anyways you can get sweets. You can either hand them to the children at the end of the party or you can make use of them in a game.


As you like! Decoration is not the focus of a successful party. At our children parties the game program is central!


Please plan a theme for the party only if your kid wants it and if he/she is able to make use of it. Most of our parties are completely without a theme and it is always fun!


We bring along a CD-player and CDs, but we can use selected songs, for instance your kid´s favorite songs. The best are fast songs, which we can dance along to.

Sustainable children´s parties

It is our mission to be environmentally conscious to act responsibly towards nature and human.
When this is also your goal, we have some tips for you:

  • A children´s party doesn´t have to be wasteful. Use reusable decoration and “real” dishes. Kindergartners know how to use plates and glasses carefully too.
  • Set an example: Why not use or give fair trade chocolate for a children´s party, ones made without any child labor?
  • When preparing food, use regional or seasonal products – you could get them with your child at a market. Preparing of food together is an important part of the party for kids.
  • You can ask all the other parents of the guests to contribute money to a collective gift. (see “Gifts for the host”). That way unnecessary stuff (toys) will not fill the child´s room. An environmentally friendly side effect: You can avoid a lot of wrapping paper (=waste) with this measure.
  • When you would like to do crafts with the children, use recyclable materials. You can find a lot of ideas on the internet.
  • If you would like to give something to the guests, something self-made and recyclable or an environmentally friendly trinket would work well. You can easily order such things in an environmentally friendly catalog company (e.g. Waschbär Umweltversand).