Kids on your wedding?

Weddings are dear and near to us. That is why we are especially pleased to accompany your youngest guests while dancing, playing and celebrating.

What’s in it for you?

  • We take time for you because consultation is important for us!
  • We will pick the appropriate game facilitators from our multifaceted team!
  • We offer a tried and tested program, specialized for weedings.
  • You have the certainty that your smallest guests are in good hands...
  • ... and therefore their parents can celebrate stress-free.
  • And what we are especially proud of is our 100% success rate*!

*Since 2004 we organized more than 1000 events and none of them were cancelled.

What’s in it for the kids?

  • We transform the childrens’ space into a playroom…
  • …in which the kids are the center of attention while playing together…
  • …or make use of our varied play material on their own.
  • “Playing without tears”: the focus is not on winning or losing.

What is included?

  • Consultation over the phone
  • Assistance with choosing one of our additional offers (e.g. fire show)
  • Personal contact with your games facilitator over the phone
  • Travel expenses inside Vienna are included (outside Vienna by request)
  • Tried and tested games program, ...
  • ...that is flexible in regard to the number of kids, interests, needs, weather and other factors.
  • Any material needed for the games program
  • We also have liability insurance.
  • Optional: A gift for the bridal couple designed by the kids
  • Optional: Babysitter for sleeping children

Price example:

The care of 10-20 children by two games facilitators for three hours including the mentioned activities above amounts to € 340,-.
Our prices are flexible and allow a reduction of surcharge of 15% depending on customers’ self-assessment of their own financial situation. We use this procedure to address the financial situation of our customers and to ensure fairness.
We can also arrange another time frame or a larger group of children (for more than 20 children).


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