Looking for treasure?

We help you with the quest! A first hint: It is in the Donaupark!

The journey

On the quest for a hidden treasure in the middle of the green park, the kids make use of all their senses to get closer to the target bit by bit. There they will follow incomplete directions, solve mysteries, fulfill exercises, reconstruct shapes and overcome hard obstacles. In order to succeed the kids must help and trust each other.

The parents can go for a relaxing walk in the park or enjoy the waiting period in a restaurant nearby while the kids are searching.




from 6 years up


max. 12 kids


2 hours


€ 260,-
with 2 game facilitators

€ 285,- including the treasure

Our prices are flexible and allow a reduction or surcharge of 15% depending on self-assessment of the own financial situation. With this measure we want to respond to our costumers’ financial situation and to contribute an equitable money distribution.

What is included?

  • Consultation over the phone
  • Personal contact with your game facilitator over the phone
  • Tried and tested games program built into a treasure hunt, ...
  • ...which we arrange flexible to react optimally to interests, needs, wishes and other factors.
  • Any materials needed for the treasure hunt
  • We also have liability insurance.
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