The piñata originally comes from China but is nowadays especially common in Latin America and Spain as a symbol for fiestas. It is a colourful designed figure which can be filled with sweets on birthdays, Christmas and Easter. When they managed to break open the piñata, the children are allowed to collect all the sweets.

Jugend am Werk offer piñatas handmade by clients. When you buy a piñata you will support Jugend am Werk – the revenues go straight and 1:1 to the union. Jugend am Werk is an organization which helps to disadvantaged people.

The piñatas can be created individually according to the clients wishes. Almost any shape is possible!

Piñata prices

Piñata, unfilled € 20,-
Small fill (of 30 qty. candies)     € 5,-
Large fill (of 60 qty. candies)     € 8,-
Special form at a premium (different shapes and sizes)     € 10,-

Please pick up the piñata on your own and pay in cash at Jugend am Werk:

Wurlitzergasse 59 (Eingang Seeböckgasse 12-14), 1160 Wien, 01/486 42 83/DW24
Monday-Friday 8.00-15.00

When you book a children´s party, we can forward your order to Jugend am Werk with pleasure.