Whether a basic program or a customized plan for your event – we adhere your wishes and budget!
  • We transform the childrens’ space into a playroom…
    …in which the kids are the center of attention while playing together…
    …or make use of our varied play material on their own.

Possible stations

Fun playing together

Circle games
Games with music
Games with a colourful parachute
Other active games according to situation and needs

Face painting for kids

According to "make an example picture" and wish of the children
Small tattoos on the cheek, hand or the whole faces

Creativity station

Color-in pictures with your logo or desired motif
Folding origami figures
Making masks
Doing crafts with recycled material
Optional: Themed crafts

Toddlers corner

  • A selection of different toys (e.g. ball pit, wooden railways)
    Reading corner with a variety of age-based books


  • Juggling: Balls, plates, club, juggling bottles, rings, diabolo, devil- and flowerstick, cloths, skipping rope
    Games of skill, hacky sack, yo-yo
    Balance exercise and human pyramids depending on the situation