Order of the party

Wherever, whatever, however and for whatever you are celebrating – our experienced game facilitators throw every kind of party! For example:

Before the party:

  • We will come anywhere and throw the party of your choosing!
  • You will have personal contact with your game facilitators to plan games.

During the party:

  • Our game facilitators arrive 10-15 minutes before the party begins to get an overview and to help the kids to get to know each other as they arrive.
  • Depending on the age, group and room size, weather and many more factors the game facilitators will choose suitable games from their varied repertoire.
  • There will be games, dancing, face painting or whatever the kids would like to do – our flexibility knows no limits!
  • After this first gaming session it is time for a snack, opening presents and chating.
  • Afterwards kids of all ages can play freely. We will supervise them and bring them together when the time is right.
  • After this session the party comes to an end with a final game or a highlight like a fire show.

More possible elements:

  • Face painting
  • Treasure hunt
  • crafts
  • offers from our partners: piñatas
  • offers from our partners: play-along theatre
  • offers from our partners: play-along concert
  • offers from our partners: magic show
  • offers from our partners: clowns
  • offers from our partners: fire show
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